Man makes troubling discovery after exploring his girlfriend’s Instagram account: ‘What do I do?’

A boyfriend is in a bit of a bind after discovering his girlfriend (GF) was taking credit for his art.

The 23-year-old shared his dilemma on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. He said his 28-year-old girlfriend had been secretly photographing the items he knitted, then posting them on social media as her own creations. 

“Knitting is my main thing but I’m also partial to a bit of embroidery, cross-stitch and quilting. Naturally, I have several things I’ve made around my flat. This includes (key to the situation) a quilt my Gran and I made together in her last weeks of life which is my most treasured thing,” he explained. “I’ve been seeing this woman [28F] for close to a year now and I really do like her a lot. We don’t live together yet but she spends quite a lot of time at my flat. She’s a bit of a selfie queen and is always snapping pics of herself.”

He doesn’t mind her love of selfies, but said it was relevant to the story. 

“I ran into one of her friends while doing some errands and we got to chatting,” he said. “I had on a hat I had knitted myself and she complimented it and asked if GF had made it for me. I said no, I did and her friend said, ‘oh cool, you knit too? Did she teach you?’ I was a little taken aback at the question because my GF definitely does not know how to knit. I’ve tried to teach her several times, but she never got the hang of it and she (by her own admission) doesn’t have the patience to put that much time into something she finds generally tedious.” 

The friend revealed to him that the girlfriend had a secret account for eight months where she posted the knitted items, including his grandmother’s quilt, as hers. 

“She had pictures of pretty much every handmade thing in my flat, posted with captions claiming that she had made them herself. She must’ve been taking pictures almost every time she came over, but I guess I didn’t notice because I’m so used to her taking selfies,” he wrote. “I kept coming back to the quilt post and getting more and more annoyed because she fully posted it using my story about my gran and stuff, just pretending it was about her.” 

He confronted his girlfriend about the situation but she just cried. 

“She laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal,” he continued. “I said it was, to me, for the above reasons and she got upset with me and started crying. She said that she’s sorry she’s not as creative as I am and that I think I’m better than her.” 

She told her friends about the incident and all but one of them took her side. 

“Am I really making a mountain out of a molehill?” he asked. “What do I do going forwards with this?”

Reddit believed the girlfriend’s behavior was a clear red flag. 

“Personally I think it would be a big enough red flag to end the relationship,” one user wrote

“She is fake and manipulative and doesn’t seem like a good person,” another said

“She made an alternative account that you didn’t know of. Clearly, she knew it was wrong,” someone added

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