Man mulls breakup over girlfriend’s ‘obsessive’ hobby: ‘How can I bring this up?’

A confused boyfriend sought advice from Reddit’s “Relationship Advice,” forum — he wanted to know what to do about his girlfriend’s toy addiction.

The 27-year-old explained that his 25-year-old girlfriend was laid off due to the pandemic. However, she started coping with her unemployment by spending tons of time and money playing with Lego Bionicle toys

“We met 1 year ago at a friend’s party and then before long, we started dating. Around 2 to 3 months ago we decided to take the relationship to the next level and moved in together (I know it was quick but moving in let us to save money on rent),” he wrote.  

Then she lost her job due to Covid-19 and everything started to change. 

“For the first month, everything was fine. But recently, she’s been having to kill more and more time at home. She’s always been into Bionicle and Lego and I guess I’ve always been cool with that,” he wrote. “Initially, she just built some sets she had at her parents. Recently though, she’s been binge-rewatching the ‘Bionicle’ movies for hours a day and playing with toys like a child. And now, when money is tight she spends like $500 on Bionicles.”

The boyfriend doesn’t want to end the relationship, he just wants to work things out with her. 

“I’m starting to find her less and less attractive due to this childish and obsessive behavior,” he said. “How can I bring this up with her?” 

The Reddit community was sensitive to both party’s needs. Many felt that this was the woman’s way of coping with some pretty intense stress.

“Sounds like she’s regressing to a safer less stressed time,” one user wrote

“She is under a lot of stress from losing her job and it seems like she is seeking comfort in the nostalgia. If you choose to confront her, come from a place of love and concern,” another advised

“Please be patient with her. She isn’t trying to push you away and she doesn’t love you any less, she’s just trying to self-soothe. However, if money is becoming a problem you definitely need to set some boundaries and discuss a budget,” someone suggested

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