Man receives backlash for dyeing dog to look like panda

A man whose fluffy, panda-like dog turned heads on a street in China received criticism after it was revealed he dyed the chow-chow’s fur to make it appear like one of the beloved black-and-white bears.

A June 6 video shows an unnamed woman walking a man named Yang Yan’s dog, called Mei Niu (or “pretty girl”), through the city of Lechan, located in southern China, according to Newsflare.

After the video was posted online, it sparked heated debate over whether or not the pet owner’s actions constituted animal cruelty.

Yang Yan later clarified he dyed the chow-chow’s fur with plant-based dye, claiming it was harmless to the animal.

Credit: Newsflare

In 2019, an animal cafe called “Cute Pet Games” in Chengdu, China, agreed to stop dyeing its six resident chow-chows to look like pandas — the creatures the city is famous for — after sparking online outrage, Shaighaiist previously reported.

In a statement, PETA Asia press officer Keith Guo condemned the cafe’s actions.

“Dyeing hair may be fashionable, but only for humans who willingly have it done,” Guo said. “There are always risks with using dyes on animals, to their fur, skin, nose and eyes. Animals should not be a tool for people to paint.”

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