Man rescues puppies and builds them a castle, complete with a moat

A YouTuber from Thailand rescues animals and builds them houses by hand for his channel Wilderness TV. The man uses “ancient skills” and traditional techniques to make the animal homes near his countryside. Unsurprisingly his noble cause has garnered 3.12 million subscribers. Not to mention, he is quite good at what he does.

“My purpose is to show people around the world that pets and animals should be defended by humans. And we have to give them care and love,” he wrote on YouTube

Last year, the builder shared a video tutorial where he made a mud dog castle complete with a moat. He explained in the caption that he built the house for four puppies he discovered from a cave 1 kilometer from his home

The Youtuber gathered dozens of branches from the woods. Then he sharpened each end so that he could hammer the branches into the ground to make the castle’s frame.

Next, he covered the foundation in mud and shaped it into a castle with three towers, several entrances and a staircase. The animal lover filled the castle’s lawn with grass so that the dog house was nestled in some green. 

He then made a wall surrounding the castle and dug a moat around it. The builder used bamboo tubes for the plumbing system so that when he poured water into a barrel connected to the bamboo, it flowed perfectly throughout the moat. Yes, there’s even a little bridge for the puppies to cross it.

To top things off, he added live fish into the water along with decorative flowers and pinwheels. The extra touches make the project especially whimsical.

When he finished the enormous undertaking, he released the four little puppies. They enthusiastically frolicked around their new home. Success!

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