Man shares ‘genius’ resume hack that helps employers notice you right away

As more and more Gen Zers graduate college and enter the workforce, it seems if TikTokers are keen to share a resume hack or two to help their followers get a step up on their peers.

A man has now gone viral on the social media platform for sharing a “genius” resume trick that has since sparked debate as to whether it actually works.

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On Feb. 22, user @robco339 shared a nifty hack that allegedly helps prospective job candidates get their resumes noticed by recruiters and employers. The hack is simple: Copy the qualifications listed in any given job listening and paste them at the bottom of their resume in white text. Save the resume as a PDF, submit it, and, boom, you’re done.


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So what does that do? Before we give you an answer, let’s give some context. Apparently, companies with applicant tracking systems (ATS) rank resumes according to how many keywords they contain. Resumes with fewer keywords are less likely to appear at the top of the pile, making applicants who submit them less attractive as candidates.

So, according to @robco339’s logic, inserting all of the keywords at the bottom of your resume while hiding them in white text almost ensures that an ATS will notice your resume immediately. That, in turn, should give you a greater chance of landing an interview — as long as you’re, in fact, qualified.

“What that does is you send your resume in, their algorithm will pick your resume first because you have all of the qualifications,” @robco39 says in his TikTok. “They won’t be able to see that you have all those qualifications and is exactly what they have on the website because it’s all white.”

The clip has since received over 79,000 likes, with at least one fellow user calling it “absolute genius.”

“Great tip,” another added. “Thanks.”

“Whoa!!!” a third commented. “This info is GOLD.”

Others, however, questioned the method, claiming that it doesn’t always work.

“As someone in HR we can still see if we investigate,” one user argued.

“Disagree with this,” a second chimed in. “Resume parsing and matching technology is getting smarter than this. This may have worked several years back [but] not now.”

Other TikTokers, like @robco339, have similarly attempted to share a resume hack or job-related advice. One, for example, has suggested going through LinkedIn profiles to craft your own resume, while one recruiter has encouraged negotiating your salary at the very beginning.

For all of the job tips that are out there on TikTok, the one thing we know is this: It’s probably best to be incredibly careful when building your resume off a template unless you want to end up in a predicament like this woman.

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