Man shares saga after finding live caterpillars in store-bought broccoli

A British man who discovered some creepy crawlies lurking in his produce took Twitter users on a ride when he decided to raise and release them, documenting the whole experience on social media.

Sam Darlaston, a radio host for KISS FM U.K.‘s Late Show, took to Twitter on June 11 after discovering a handful of caterpillars munching on a head of broccoli he recently purchased from British grocery store Tesco.

“Hey @Tesco,” Darlaston wrote in a now-viral thread. “I was about to cook my favourite vegetable of all time (broccoli) and after unwrapping it, to my surprise, found caterpillars inside! They’re really nice and we’ve ended up keeping one as a pet and naming him. but just as a heads up, some of your broc has c-pillars.”

The radio host certainly wasn’t kidding about that last part — he later shared a video of his new “pet,” named Cedric, hanging out inside of a large, plastic container, where he provided him with food and water.

“In case anyone is interested, the name we’ve gone with is Cedric, he’s from Spain (at least we assume so because the broccoli is) and he dances after eating spinach and broc all day long,” Darlaston wrote.

On his next trip to Tesco that same day, to replace his caterpillar-tainted vegetables, Darlaston was shocked to discover that the second head of broccoli he purchased had five more of the little critters — which he named Broc, Olly, Carlos, Croc and Janine.

The next day, a straggler was found in a third head of broccoli purchased by Darlaston’s roommate, which he named Slim Eric.

Two days after the saga began, Cedric the caterpillar evolved into a chrysalis.

A little over a week later, on June 22, Cedric reemerged, looking just a bit different than when Darlaston first laid eyes on him.

In total, Darlaston and his roommate witnessed seven Tesco caterpillars morph into butterflies before their very eyes, releasing them back into the wild as they emerged from their cocoons.

Tesco responded to the thread on Twitter, apologizing and offering to log the incident in its database — but for the most part, Darlaston doesn’t seem too bothered by the incident and the subsequent journey it led him on.

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