Man slammed over ‘sexist’ expectations for his girlfriend: ‘Do your fair share’

A boyfriend is upset that his girlfriend is upset that he won’t cook or clean. 

The man wanted to know if he was in the wrong and went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for an answer. When his girlfriend (GF) brought up the issue that he never cooked, he argued that he didn’t have the time.

“My GF and I both work full-time but I do longer hours,” he explained. “We live 5 minutes from her work so she only has a short commute and can leave pretty much just before she starts at 7:30 a.m. and she finishes at 4:30 p.m. so is home by 4:40 p.m. at the latest.” 

Meanwhile, he works 12 to 14 hour days and has a one-hour commute each way. 

“My girlfriend has always been the one who cooks dinner. Since she is home way earlier than me it only makes sense, otherwise, we’d be eating too late,” he said. “It’s been this way for ages and she has never once said anything about it until now it is suddenly an issue. She‘d been complaining that I never cook dinner and demanded I start ‘sharing the load’ to give her a break (her words).” 

He told her he doesn’t understand why he should cook when she has been home longer than he has. 

“She argued that she spends this time cleaning the house and catching up on chores, which then sparked a debate on how I apparently never do general household duties,” he wrote. “I admitted I don’t do as much as her around the house during the workweek for the simple reason is that I’m not home as much as she is … I said she has it easy with her standard 40-hour workweek and no commute which made her angry.” 

The girlfriend then only made quick meals for dinner that week, like tinned spaghetti, toast and packet noodles. He refused to eat it and ordered take out for himself. 

“On the third night, I got jack of it and said she was being ridiculous for refusing to cook,” he said. “She told me I’m being sexist for expecting to come home to a proper cooked meal. She later told her coworkers and friends about our talk who apparently all agree that I’m a jerk for my expectations and reasoning for not cooking.”

Reddit seemed to agree with his girlfriend’s friends and coworkers too. 

“You come off as entitled, sexist and pretty damn useless. Your GF is not your mother or your maid. Step up and do your fair share,” one user commented

“It’s really rude that you think just because she has a ‘standard 40-hour workweek’ she should sub in as your housekeeper as well,” one person wrote

“So if you didn’t live with her would you just keel over and die cause you don’t want to cook that late? You sound entitled,” another added

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