Man slams girlfriend after discovering her ‘unbelievably bad’ secret behavior: ‘Something’s not right with her’

A man blew up at his wife over her bizarre behavior at his workplace and now her family is demanding an apology.

He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The Reddit poster was excited after being given more responsibility at the restaurant he works at. When he told his wife she seemed to think it meant he was the store manager, even he repeatedly told her that he was not. But that didn’t stop her from showing up at the joint with friends, expecting a free meal. 

“My wife is my biggest supporter. She was thrilled after I told her I’m directly handling management,” the Reddit poster wrote. “But I made it clear I’m not the manager so I have limited authority. Still, she went to tell everyone that her husband is now the manager of his workplace … She showed up at the restaurant (doesn’t normally eat there) and brought her friends with her, there were five of them. Then she embarrassed the waitress by refusing to pay, telling everyone that she’s the wife of the manager.”

But that wasn’t the end of things, the wife continued to embarrass the server. 

“She started arguing with the waitress then went home. In two hours, I got a call from the waitress wanting to talk about what happened and why I fired her,” he explained. “I was shocked. She showed me the message that was sent from my Facebook but I swore I didn’t do it. I didn’t even know my wife came to the restaurant. Turned out my wife sent the message on my behalf and fired the waitress, claiming her behavior was rude and unprofessional. I was livid. I got berated by the manager after he found out. Thankfully he was patient. I got home and I confronted her. She confirmed everything even the message. I blew up. She started crying after I told her to apologize to the waitress after this. Packed her stuff and left. Her parents called… I’m now required to visit soon as possible and bring flowers and apologize to my wife for yelling.” 

Reddit users thought the wife’s behavior could be a red flag.

“Something’s not right with her,” a person wrote.

“Unbelievably bad behavior,” another commented

“She jeopardized not only your job but also the job of the waitress,” someone  added

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