Man sparks office drama after exposing coworker’s ‘greedy’ behavior: ‘He got what he deserved’

A man believes his coworker is scamming other employees for free lunch. 

It became an issue when the coworker tried to pull the trick on him. He sought advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Apparently, the scamming coworker has a particular method for getting people to buy him lunch every day. 

“If you get something for lunch, he wants you to get him something too but expects you to buy it for him because since you mentioned it, he says you offered,” the user said. “At first I thought maybe he had a money problem, but then overheard him laughing and bragging to someone in another department about how he was able to scam lunches out of his coworkers and he’s attempted to bully a free meal out of someone more than once.” 

So when the man’s girlfriend stopped by for lunch, the coworker interjected. 

“He overheard me confirming [the lunch with her] before I left and asked what I was bringing him and I said nothing. He said I brought it up and I corrected him,” the user explained. “He started complaining so I said if he gave me money for his food I’d bring him something but I wasn’t going to buy him food. He started complaining about it again and I got irritated and said no money no food and then I left.”

The coworker then reported the user to their boss. 

“I told [the boss] what happened and how he’s constantly trying to weasel free food out of people, even some of the people he knows are struggling,” the user wrote. “So my boss asked around and several others collaborated what I said. My coworker got dragged into the office and now he’s pissed that I ‘narc’d’ and how he was just kidding. Most of the office thinks he got what he deserved but a few think it wasn’t worth getting him in trouble over.”

Reddit users thought the coworker got his comeuppance. 

“He’s greedy and stubborn,” one person wrote

“He forced you to defend yourself,” another said

“You didn’t narc…he did,” someone added

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