Man sparks workplace controversy with reaction to co-worker’s ‘vegan-only’ club: ‘Petty and ridiculous’

A man is stirring major internet controversy after sharing his response to his co-worker’s “vegan dining club.”

The frustrated employee shared his dilemma in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. Writing under the username Unlucky_Sound_6040, he explained why he decided to start a “meat-eaters-only” club at work.

“After colleagues created an exclusive vegans-only club at work, I created a meat-eaters-only club at work. Am I the a******?” the user asked.

‘It was clearly exclusionary’

Unlucky_Sound_6040 wrote that his office issue began with a co-worker named Jane. Several months ago, she started a dining club for vegans at the company.

According to the Redditor, no one took issue with the club at first. But, after Jane approved her club with the company’s human resources department, some employees began to complain.

“In the [club’s mission] statement, which passed with HR, one of the rules stated that only vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians will be welcome, and that all dinner options will be vegan,” the user wrote. “This rubbed some of us the work way, since it was clearly exclusionary and divisive.”

The Redditor added that his “workplace soon became divided,” with many employees feeling left out. That’s why he and a group of co-workers decided to start the “Burger and Steak Club.”

‘She now refuses to talk to me’

The new club, which excluded vegans and vegetarians, also managed to pass through the company’s HR approval process. However, many members of vegan club complained in response.

“[They said] that our club was exclusionary, offensive to their lifestyle, and that eating meat (as opposed to not eating meat) was not a lifestyle,” the user wrote.

Divisions grew deep in the office. Unlucky_Sound_6040 wrote that his relationship with Jane, who formed the vegan club, was significantly damaged.

“Despite my prior friendship with Jane, she now refuses to talk to me and is only spending time with her club members,” he wrote.

‘Petty and ridiculous’

The post drew more than 1,500 comments, with Reddit users taking strong stances on the issue. Many argued that the vegan club should have included all employees.

“Jane is why people don’t like vegans,” one user wrote.

“It is incredibly stupid to exclude non-vegans since introducing omnivores to delicious plant-based food is a good way to get them to be more open to veganism,” another argued.

Others said the meat-eaters were in the wrong, since their club was excluding a group that, in general, has a tougher time finding enjoyable meals.

“Nobody is going to come eat burgers and steak if they aren’t meat-eaters,” one user wrote. “It’s understandable that vegans/vegetarians would want a safe space.”

A few commenters dismissed the controversy altogether though. One called the issue “petty and ridiculous.”

“Everyone is being so unbelievably petty here,” another user concluded.

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