Man stirs backlash by telling girlfriend to lose some weight

A 35-year-old man is causing an uproar online after sharing how he told his girlfriend she needed to lose some weight.

The man, who goes by throwawayjonas1777, shared his story on the Am I The A****** (AITA) subreddit on June 9 in hopes of settling an argument with his 24-year-old girlfriend.

‘Her BMI determines that she’s overweight’

In the post, throwawayjonas1777 explained that he is an “extremely health conscious person” who “works out multiple times a day” and, as a vegan, watches what he eats. His girlfriend, meanwhile, “does none of those things,” much to his dismay.

“I’ve tried many times to get her concerned about her health and she always gets offended or laughs me off and says she’s ‘here for a good time not a long time,'” throwawayjonas1777 said. “Her nihilism isn’t cute to me and I’m worried I won’t get to grow old with her if she keeps disregarding her body. She’s 5’7″ and 190. Her BMI determines that she’s overweight.”

‘I was just being honest’

Though throwawayjonas1777 explained that his girlfriend is “beautiful facially” and “down to Earth, kind and sweet,” he noted that things came to a head recently when his girlfriend was “complaining about how hot it was.”

“She was whining about how we’d need to buy an AC to keep cool and she doesn’t have shorts or skirts to wear and needs to buy some more clothes,” throwawayjonas1777 wrote. “I was just being honest and I said that maybe if she lost some weight and took care of her health better she’d find that she wouldn’t need an AC. I’m very thin and I find that I’m never hot in our house …  I said that also if she lost some weight it would be easier for her to shop for clothes because she could buy the cute stuff and not the burlap sacks that plus size sections sell.”

Well, throwawayjonas1777’s girlfriend didn’t take these comments well.

“She took offense and started crying,” throwawayjonas1777 explained, noting that his girlfriend “used to have an ED as a teen” and so his comments were triggering to her.

“She should care about her health now more than ever because she knows that too much dieting is wrong,” throwawayjonas1777 said. “To me it felt like a cop out as if she doesn’t want to put in the effort to just change her health for the better and wanted to make me feel bad.”

‘You’re unbelievably ignorant’

In the comments, people quickly berated throwawayjonas1777 for the way he treated his girlfriend.

“You’re unbelievably ignorant, and you clearly don’t know anything about mental health either,” one person said.

“You’re the a****** and fat phobic,” another user added. “The fact you think she’s only attractive in the face speaks volumes. Health concerns are one thing but I don’t think that’s where your concerns genuinely lie.”

“If she’s your dream girl, her weight shouldn’t matter,” a third person said. “If she’s happy leave her the hell alone.”

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