Man stirs controversy after telling girlfriend to ‘stop’ using TikTok: ‘It’s really making my life harder’

A man is upset at his girlfriend for posting about their relationship on TikTok. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share his dilemma. The man is deployed with the military and his girlfriend won’t stop posting about him. However, the issue is everyone on his base is watching her videos too. 

“I’m currently deployed and if you’re unaware TikTok has a ridiculous amount of military users,” he explained. “Anyway, my girlfriend makes a lot of TikToks about how much she misses me and about army girlfriend stuff. She also has a rather large following, in the tens of thousands and pretty much everyone in my unit and on-base knows about this. […] My commanding officer will roast me in front of everyone. I checked the followers list and almost all her followers were other servicemen, most of whom are probably on our base. All the comments on her posts are people I know roasting me.” 

The user said his girlfriend even posted their text conversations along with photos comparing him to her ex. 

“I know my girlfriend loves me and is doing this out of love but its got to stop,” he wrote. “I talked to my girlfriend about it and she got really upset that I would tell her to stop. She says I’m not appreciative of her and I shouldn’t tell her what to do. I told her I love her but I’m getting so much shit for this and it’s really making my life harder.”

Reddit users thought the girlfriend was out of line. 

“She cares more about her image as an army girlfriend than she does about her relationship,” one user commented

“If she was being genuine, she’d send those things to you only,” another said

“She sounds immature,” someone wrote

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