Man stunned by girlfriend’s ‘dangerous’ financial move: ‘Doesn’t make any sense’

A man is upset his girlfriend wanted to donate her stimulus check. 

He shared their situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The man is renting out half his duplex to new tenants. The girlfriend saw that the family moving in doesn’t make much money and wanted to use her stimulus check to cover their first month of rent. The boyfriend opposed because he felt the girlfriend didn’t have enough money of her own. 

“My girlfriend told me today she wants to use hers to pay my tenants’ first month of rent. While I get the principle behind this and think it’s a noble thing to do, I asked her if she would reconsider doing that,” the Reddit poster said. “My girlfriend is not a very good saver. She just started contributing to her 401k a few months ago after I asked her to. She has almost no emergency fund and actually battled a bit of credit card debt in the past. This money could easily provide her enough emergency cushion in case of emergency.”

The Reddit poster said the girlfriend wants to move out of the duplex and expects him to pay for it. 

“She’s been talking about trying to move out of the duplex and get a place of our own,” he said. “I will likely be responsible for financing this entire move outright. It just bothers me a little to see her throw so much money at a donation when this is the case.”

Reddit users sided with the boyfriend on this.

“What your girlfriend is doing doesn’t make any sense,” one person said

“It’s a nice gesture but it’s also a dangerous one when you don’t know these people well,” another wrote

“She doesn’t look at or approach money the same way you do,” someone commented

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