Man stunned by girlfriend’s ‘selfish’ anniversary gift: ‘She doesn’t care about you at all’

A man is upset after realizing his girlfriend didn’t put much thought into his anniversary gift. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A*******” forum to see if his feelings were justified. The man got his girlfriend a ring and a frame with 12 photos for each month they were together. She got him an inexpensive picture frame with four photos. But the boyfriend wasn’t upset until he learned she got her friends the exact same gift. 

“The gift idea was cute, I was expecting some more effort, I was sensing very little effort from her side to her gift,” he wrote. “Anyway, I didn’t want her to feel bad[…]so I didn’t say anything and thanked her instead. All good until some days before Christmas. She has two close friends and she didn’t know what kind of gift to give them, I suggested a couple of ideas but she said it was a waste of money. And then she said what got me a little angry: ‘I’ll do the thing I do when I don’t want to spend money and time on a gift, I’ll just buy two cheap frames, print a couple of photos and I don’t have to think about it anymore.’

The Reddit poster then confronted her about the issue. 

“I expressed my perplexity about what she had just said because it was the same thing she had done with my gift. I got a little angry and she said I was overreacting, that it was not the same thing and that I shouldn’t think about it. Now some time has past, I’m not angry, but I feel sad about the whole thing,” the boyfriend wrote

Reddit users thought his reaction was justified. 

“It seems to me she is pretty selfish and uncaring when it comes to gifts,” one person commented

“She doesn’t care about you at all,” someone said

“She revealed her true intentions all by herself,” another wrote. 

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