Man surprises struggling family with new home in heartwarming clip

Aaron Murphy travels around South America doing charity work. 

Murphy collects donations to give direct assistance to people he meets in places like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. He provides struggling families with food, shelter and employment and documents the whole process on his Instagram.

With these videos, Murphy aims to get viewers who are financially able to help out to donate so that they can help him provide for families who need it.

In December, Murphy surprised the Vargas family. The family of four, which included a mother, father and their two children, had been struggling with homelessness and panhandling on the streets. They moved to Colombia from Venezuela in search of a better life but were still not making ends meets. 

“You gave another family a home and employment!” Murphy wrote on Instagram. “I met this family while living in Colombia last year. They were passing through Tulcan in search of work and shelter. I needed a family to help run the shelter. Coincidence?”

In the video, Murphy brought the Vargas family into their new home — but they had no idea. They all thought they were at Murphy’s house. 

“This your house,” Murphy told them as they ate lunch at the dining table. 

The family was absolutely stunned that it was their home to keep. The children were escorted into their new bedroom and were surprised with bicycles and presents for Christmas. 

“I have a bed! I have a bed!” the little girl shouted. 

The mother was in tears and the family rejoiced at their new beginning. 

“Oh, this one had me crying big tears,” one user commented

“Inspirational. Makes everyone want to do more,” another said

“Truly inspiring seeing this,” someone wrote

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