Man taken aback by girlfriend’s ‘ridiculous’ dinnertime request: ‘Cook whatever you want’

A vegetarian man’s girlfriend demanded he stop cooking potatoes but he refused. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share a recent incident between the couple. Although they have different diets, it had never been an issue until the girlfriend went on a low-carb meal plan. She demanded her boyfriend stop cooking potatoes because it would be too tempting for her. But he believed the request was unfair since he never complained about her cooking meat.  

“I’m in my diet for health reasons (I’m not doing it for the animals) and she eats a lot of meat,” the Reddit poster said. “She doesn’t care about my diet and I don’t care about hers. […] A month ago she decides she’s going to do keto. She can’t have any carbs. Again, no big deal here… until today. I’m cooking potatoes, eggs and cheese. I throw a bit of salt and some onion powder in it. Admittedly, it throws out some awesome smells in the whole house. While I’m making it, she comes in and asks that I stop making potatoes. I give her the side-eyed, ‘what the hell’ look. She explains that it makes it harder for her to stick to her keto diet if she’s smelling potatoes all the time.”

But the Reddit poster thought she was being unreasonable.

“My comeback was to state that I never say anything about all the meat she cooks in the house (duck, pork stomach, chicken, etc.) and she goes, ‘You don’t even care though. I actually care about this!'” he wrote. 

Reddit users sided with the poster on this one.

“You can cook whatever you want,” one person commented

“You’re not responsible for her lack of self-control,” another said

“If she chooses to be on a ridiculous diet, she is solely responsible for what she eats,” someone wrote

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