Man turned down at KFC drive-thru for unusual choice of transportation

The concept of a drive-thru is simple, because it’s all in the name: You drive through and pick up your meal without having to get out of your car or wait around in the restaurant.

But one man is saying that KFC “humiliated” him and declined to serve him despite the fact that he technically was following drive-thru rules, although he wasn’t in a car.

Ian Bell travels to the U.K. city Carlisle for work via his horse-and-cart. His pony, Jon Jon, makes the 20-mile trip every day without incident — until Bell and Jon Jon tried to pick up some takeout from KFC on the way home.

“A manager came out and said ‘We can’t serve you. We’re not allowed’,” Bell told BBC. “I felt humiliated. To me, it’s downright disgusting the way we are treated at these kind of places. They should allow us through.”

Bell claims that other fast-food chains — including a nearby McDonald’s — have allowed him to pick up food with Jon Jon. Bell says KFC is discriminating against “members of the traveling community.”

“We’re not going to cause any trouble. I’d like a big apology from them and I would like them to change their policies,” Bell said.

KFC insists that for safety reasons they cannot allow horse-and-carts in their drive-thru lines.

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