Man unrecognizable after dramatic hair transformations

Instagram followers of Florida barber Demitri Pope, AKA metricuts, were stunned by one of his hair transformations. Pope used a combination of haircutting techniques and weaves to make a client look unrecognizable after the session. 

The customer starts off with a full gray beard and gray hair, while the top of his head is bald. Pope trims his grays off to reveal black strands underneath. Then he gives the man a shape-up to even out the sides and hairline. Finally, he adds an afro-textured weave to the top of his hair.

It fits seamlessly and looks completely natural as it fades into his freshly manicured beard. The man looks like a totally different person. In fact, he looks decades younger. 

The video received 57,920 views on Instagram. People were floored by the before and after. 

“What the heck? How old is he really? Wow,” one user commented

“Bro got a few years knocked off his face,” another wrote

“This is just talent,” someone added

Hair transformations for men in the Black community have become a recent trend in the last few years. Men who deal with natural baldness often struggle with blows to their self-esteem. These so-called “man weaves” use similar techniques to those used by Black women, although they can work for any hair type. 

“When they get their hair done, some of them have even cried,” New York City barber John Cotton told NPR. “It boosts their ego from two to 10. All of a sudden, they want to go socialize.”

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