Man ‘patiently waits’ to propose while girlfriend gets distracted by pumpkins

A woman nearly sabotaged her boyfriend’s wedding proposal because she was too busy trying to make a joke.

TikToker @sammyrhea dropped a throwback video of her memorable proposal. While she and her boyfriend were visiting a pumpkin patch, he got down on one knee to surprise her. But she was a bit too distracted to notice.

“When I almost ruined my proposal because I needed pumpkin boobs,” the video text read

She and her boyfriend were getting ready to take photos in front of the pumpkin patch. As soon as she saw the display, she made a beeline for two pumpkins. Her boyfriend got down on one knee and whipped the ring out, but she didn’t notice. 

Despite the photographer saying she wasn’t allowed to grab the pumpkins, she went for them anyway. She lifted two in front of her chest and started cracking up. 

Her boyfriend was still on his knee, waiting for her to notice him. The photographer told her to put the pumpkins back. She put them back — still completely oblivious. Then finally she turned around and spotted the ring

“Oh my god, what the—?! Oh my god!” she said

Her future husband clearly found the whole thing amusing. It was practically a scene out of a sitcom! The video racked up 24.8 million views and 3 million likes. 

“She’s a keeper,” a user commented

“This is the only kind of engagement story I want to see/hear about. Too perfect!” another said

“The perfect moment does exist!” a TikToker replied

“Him finding it funny and letting you do your thing tells me he’s the one,” a person added

“I like how he just patiently waited,” someone wrote

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