Man with amnesia listens to his favorite artist for the first time ‘all over again’: ‘this is beautiful and so sad at the same time’

What would it be like to listen to your favorite artist for the first time again? One TikTok influencer recorded his friend’s firsthand experience with this.

TikTok user @222dimo recently posted a video of his friend Nicholas (@pounddccake) listening to his favorite musician for the first time since suffering memory loss.


imagine experiencing all of your favourite things for the first time all over again 😫😫🥴🙇🏻‍♂️ #playboicarti #slatt #amnesia #carti #kingvamp

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“I’m about to listen to my favorite artist again for the first time ever,” Nicholas says to the camera. Dimo, Nicholas’ friend, then plays the song “Molly” by Brain Surge.

Nicholas moves his head to the beat and apparently “knew 1-2 words in the song.”

“That was crazy,” Nicholas says when asked about his thoughts on the song. “10 out of 10.”

Amnesia, also called amnestic syndrome, refers to “a lack or absence of memory.” While people do not forget everything, amnesia occurs when a part of the memory system fails. Retrograde amnesia (RA) refers to the loss of memory before the injury occurs. Anterograde amnesia (AA), on the other hand, refers to an impaired ability to learn new things.

In a follow-up video, Nicholas explains that he likely suffered from dissociative amnesia, which is amnesia induced by stress or a traumatic event.

“I love that he found his light in the darkness, amnesia sounds so scary but I wish him the best”

The video, which racked up more than 6 million views, left a lasting impact on commenters.

“omg he gets to watch all his fav movies again for the first time,” someone replied.

“this is beautiful and so sad at the same time,” one user commented.

“I love that he found his light in the darkness, amnesia sounds so scary but I wish him the best,” another said.

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