Woman reveals how boss was catfishing her

After a series of failed dates, a woman realized her manager was catfishing her.

TikToker Olivia Fenton (@oliviafenton4) explained in a video that her boss had asked if she’d be interested in getting set up with one of her close male friends. Fenton agreed and started texting the friend to plan the first date — but then, he stood her up.

Fenton tried again, but the guy bailed on the second date because of meetings. For the third attempt of getting together, the date told Fenton he went to the bar “didn’t see [me] and left — and then tried to come back to try and find [me], and his train got stuck underground.”


catfished by my own boss! has this also happened to any of you nyc girlies out there I must know #fyp #catfished #nyc #live #laugh #love

♬ original sound – Olivia Fenton

At that point, Fenton texted her manager, saying it wouldn’t work out. But then, on Christmas, Fenton received a nice text from the guy, asking to give him one more chance.

“[I] planned a redemption dinner, which he never arrived to because he got in a ‘car accident,'” Fenton continued.

Then, Fenton said she started putting two and two together and realized the man must not even be real. Fenton found out that her manager had a burner phone. She even found that his photos were pulled from a stranger’s social media account.

Fenton also said the handwriting on a note in a bouquet of flowers from him was exactly the same as her manager’s.

The video quickly racked up almost 4 million views, with commenters begging Fenton to give more information about the story, which she did in a follow-up TikTok.

“Yes, my manager was fired,” she explained. “I went to HR, and they handled it immediately. I also found out she did this to a woman at her previous company.”


Reply to @elysemyers updates on being catfished by my manager #fyp #catfish

♬ original sound – Olivia Fenton

A lot of people asked Fenton what her manager’s motives were, which Fenton didn’t know either.

“It’s speculated that she’s deeply in the closet and is coming to terms with her sexuality,” she said. “I think she might have had a crush on me and just took it way too far.”

As several commenters pointed out, being closeted “isn’t an excuse to do this to people.”

“I feel bad,” another person wrote, “but this was soooo inappropriate and not the way to explore her feelings by playing around with yours, especially because she’s your boss!”

“Suddenly thinking my last boss wasn’t so bad,” someone joked.

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