Mom’s mango teething hack soothes fussy baby for hours: ‘Why didn’t you say this 15 years ago?’

A teething hack is going viral on TikTok for its ability to soothe fussy babies for hours!

Kat Kamalani (@katkamalani) is a mom of 2 with over 600k followers — and with hacks like this, it’s no wonder why.


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Kat starts the video crouched beside her fussy baby, mango seed in hand. “I wanna show you guys the BEST teething hack! I’ve done it for all my babies and it works every time,” she says to the camera.

She goes on to explain, “If you have teething babies who are fussy, cut up a mango, leave some meat on [the seed], and give it to them. They will eat it for HOURS.”

Kat then hands the mango seed to her little one — who, without hesitation, pops the juicy piece of fruit into his mouth and contentedly begins to suck.

Could mangoes, which are chockfull of essential vitamins and nutrients, be the ultimate teething hack parents have been looking for?

‘Omg thank you!’

Based on the reactions in the comments, it seems the answer would be a resounding “yes!”

“Why did you not say this 15 years ago?” asked one user.

“Omg thank you! Teething twins! One twin has 4 top teeth coming in all at the same time!” another wrote.

Some parents added some helpful suggestions to the conversation.

“I bet if you put it in the freezer that will be even better!” said one comment.

“I give that to my daughter all the time, she loves it. Also 2 frozen grapes in a mesh feeder,” added another.

“I do this with pineapple core but freeze it and wrap with washcloth. (Extra tip: deli will core a fresh pineapple free, just ask to save the core),” said another user.

But some users let Kat know that, while this hack was news to some, it was old hat to others.

“*Laughs in latina* Girl the latinx community been doing this for years,” said one user.

“Yesssss, this is an olllldddd trick in south-east Asian cultures,” added another.

As with any Internet hack, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure your baby is ready for solids and doesn’t have any allergies.

And if this mango teething hack works to soothe your fussy little ones, be sure to spread to word to other parents in need of some helpful teething hacks!

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