Manhattan Mom Mia is looking for an apartment with plenty of room for the whole family

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps NYC mom Mia find an Upper Manhattan apartment big enough for the whole family. Mia is looking for a two-bedroom apartment with a budget of around $3,000 a month. Mia would love to have an elevator, as well as a washer/dryer in-unit. Mia has two kids, so she’s also looking for a unit with lots of space! Can Will help Mia find a spacious abode for her and her family? Time to find out!

Apartment number one, aka “The Townhouse,” is a two-bedroom unit renting under-budget at $2,900 a month. Mia likes the natural light-filled bedrooms as well as the spacious closets and tall ceilings. Plus, the bathroom contains a washer/dryer, which is a major must-have for the busy parent. The best feature of the unit is the exposed brick-lined living room, which features large windows and plenty of room for the kids to have their own space. The open concept kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher, but Mia can live with that as long as she has her washer/dryer.

Next on Will’s list is “The Petite Oasis,” a two-bedroom apartment with a monthly rent of $2,700. Right away, Mia notices that the apartment is “a little on the smaller side,” but she likes the modern design and aesthetic of the unit. The kitchen has modern appliances, including a dishwasher, and while there isn’t a washer/dryer in the unit itself, there is laundry in the building. The bedrooms, while nicely sized and far from the living room, don’t have as much natural light as the bedrooms in the first apartment. 

Last but not least, Will shows Mia “The Sunny Nest,” a two-bedroom apartment renting for $3,000 a month. The light-filled apartment has a washer/dryer in-unit, and Mia loves the epic views from the living room and the bedrooms. The floor-to-ceiling windows that are featured throughout the unit make the apartment feel bigger, and the modern kitchen features plenty of space and a dishwasher. Plus, the building has tons of amenities, including a gym, a doorperson, a game room, and a private deck! 

Two weeks later, Mia shares that she ended up going with “The Sunny Nest.” Mia loved all the natural light in the unit, as well as the epic views and the numerous amenities offered by the building. Mia knows that her kids will love living in this building, and she’s thankful that Will was able to make it all happen! 

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