A TikToker discovered a ‘creepy’ manhole after tearing up the floors in her home

A TikToker is going viral after sharing footage of the manhole cover she discovered while renovating an old home.

The clip, shared by user @candyrainsalon, has drawn nearly 6 million views in less than a week. It’s the latest in a longstanding trend on the app in which TikTokers have shared the strange “secret” features they’ve discovered in their homes.

In the past, users have found Jenga pieces holding their bathrooms together, creepy cellars hiding under their pantries and even abandoned malls underneath their hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, @candyrainsalon made her discovery while renovating an old home in the U.K., according to her TikTok page.

“What have we found under the carpet in the house we’re renovating?” she captioned her video.


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The discovery left plenty of TikTokers pretty freaked out — including @candyrainsalon herself. In her video, she films her husband pulling up the carpet to reveal what looks like the cover to a sewage drain.

Eventually, they manage to pry open the manhole cover and find what appears to be a sewage line.

“Who just covers this with carpet?” @candyrainsalon wrote in her video.

Viewers had plenty to say about the discovery. Many called it “scary” or asked how @candyrainsalon and her husband could stand the smell.

“Time to move,” one user wrote.

“And that’s why it was covered,” another joked.

Others had plenty of questions about the home itself. To help with that, @candyrainsalon posted a follow-up clip giving a tour of the place.


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♬ original sound – Candy Rain Salon

The viral moment is similar to a Reddit post that spread widely in early 2021. In it, a homeowner claimed to have found a giant Monopoly board underneath their carpet — which, to be fair, sounds a lot better than a manhole cover.

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