Man’s bagel-slicing method sparks debate on Twitter

A Toronto man has stoked controversy on Twitter for his eyebrow-raising technique of slicing a bagel.

On May 26, Shira Gold, a Canadian physician, shared a photo of a bagel that her husband had sliced vertically into flat rounds.

“I never understood all the fuss around interfaith marriage,” she tweeted. “Then I watched my non-Jewish husband cut a bagel like this, and honestly, I get it now.”

The post has since gone viral, receiving nearly 170,000 likes and over 4,000 comments, many of which questioned the unusual method. Even the Twitter account for the state of New Jersey chimed in.

“What,” the account simply tweeted.

“I don’t know if that even qualifies as ‘non-Jewish,'” another user tweeted in response. “It’s more like ‘satanic anarchist’…”

“As a Jew and bagel lover, my initial response here was shock and horror,” a third wrote. “But maybe he’s into something here: that’s an awful lot of new surface area for cream cheese that he wouldn’t have with the ‘classic’ cut. Has your husband revolutionized bagel-cutting for cream cheese lovers??”

In a follow-up tweet, Gold clarified that her husband did not slice the bagel with the intention of making bagel chips; instead, he topped the slices with poached eggs, thereby creating the “world’s worst eggs Benedict.”

In an interview with Today, Gold revealed that her husband, who wished to remain anonymous, doesn’t always eat his bagels in sliced cuts but prefers to at home.

“He has definitely eaten a bagel the ‘normal’ way before,” she said. “That being said, if we do have bagels in our house, this is the way he eats them. If we don’t have bagels, he just eats five poached eggs on their own. Don’t even get me started on that one.”

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