Man’s bizarre gym routine leaves viewers very confused

One man’s unusual workout has social media buzzing.

A French Cameroonian gym rat, who goes by Le_Titan_Noir on Instagram, shares his intense exercises all over social media. But one 15-second clip is making the rounds online after it was tweeted by comedians Abbi Crutchfield and Steve Harvey. 

“Anybody feel like they just worked out by watching this?” Harvey captioned the clip. 

In the video, Le_Titan_Noir is dressed in an Adidas tracksuit and drops face-first to the ground. His forearms break the fall but then he really ups the insanity — he assumes pushup form and then he launches himself several feet into the air. Almost like a cat

Next, he shuffles backward on the floor before he launches himself into the air again. He repeats the process several times. In between, he does strange movements with his hands where he shifts his weight onto the back of his wrists. Then the video abruptly cuts off. 

What’s most shocking isn’t just the unusual techniques, it’s perhaps how unfazed the other gym members are. The bizarre regimen was viewed 19.9 million times on Twitter, with some even turning it into a meme.

“How are the other people there not wetting themselves laughing at him!” one Twitter user wrote

“I don’t know what I’m watching but this guy’s core must be lit,” another person said

“Watched it seven times and I’m sweating seriously… Must have lost half a kilo to watch this. Intense!” one user said

Although Le_Titan_Noir didn’t provide much context for his baffling workout, he does post similar routines quite frequently. And don’t feel too bad for roasting him, the fitness fanatic retweeted Harvey — he clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

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