Man’s dating faux pas sparks Twitter debate

A romance author shared a first date mishap on Twitter last week — to very mixed reactions.

Alisha Ray, whose Twitter is now private, posted that on the day before Valentine’s Day she went on a first date at a coffee shop. While her tweet is hidden, Fox News was able to capture the text:

“Yesterday I met a guy for coffee and he asked what I’d like to drink and went and fetched the order,” she wrote. “And he came back with two cake pops and I was like aw that’s cute! and then he ate them both. in front of me. ………….so like he’s clearly a monster right.”

In a follow-up tweet, she said:

“it’s a whole day (almost twenty four hours) later and I am still marveling over this man who is on a date and buys two whole cake pops – which is equal to the number of people on this date – and doesnt offer a single cake pop. to said date.”

According to Fox News’s write-up, the tweet blew up with nearly 360,000 favorites and divided Twitter on whether the date etiquette was actually impolite.

While some agreed with Ray that it was a startling move for someone to make on a first date, others thought Ray was spoiled or “entitled” for assuming the date should have given her one of the cake pops.

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