Man’s reaction to girlfriend’s surprise visit has TikTok suspicious: ‘He barely hugged back’

A girlfriend surprised her long-distance boyfriend — then people accused him of cheating

TikToker @meaganglesmann posted a video of the moment with the caption, “he wasn’t expecting that haha.” The couple hadn’t seen each other in four months. But when she showed up unannounced, his reaction wasn’t what you might expect. 

“Surprising my boyfriend after traveling overseas for 4 months…” the video text read

The short video showed her ambushing her boyfriend at a party. But when her boyfriend saw her, he had a scared and confused expression. 

The video received 8 million views. Many TikTokers assumed the worst — that the boyfriend must have been hiding something. 

“They all look guilty and waiting for the drama,” she said

“Was he hiding another girl in the back he looks nervous,” another commented

“That is the face of a man who is about to be caught,” a user wrote

“It’s the way he barely hugged back,” a TikToker added

“He almost looks like he’s trying to avoid the kiss,” someone replied

In an update, @meaganglesmann explained the reason her boyfriend was so disarmed. She had texted him minutes before, saying she was going for a hike. On top of that, she dyed her hair a different color and had a ton. So it took him a few minutes to realize who was in front of him. 

“There was no other girl. No one cheated. We’re great. I just thought it was funny. That’s it,” she explained

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