Man’s sinister ice cream prank has Reddit users horrified

It’s a story as old as time itself — you either die a good husband, or you live long enough to see yourself become someone who pulls disgusting pranks on his wife.

A user who goes by the name Mikeg90805 shared his sinister plot to Reddit’s r/funny forum.

He posted a photo of what appears to be two chocolate ice cream cones side-by-side on a messy kitchen counter.

“Wife asked for ice cream. Hers is beans,” he wrote in his caption. “I’m a terrible person.”

Credit: Reddit

Most of the comments on the post called attention to just how evil this prank is.

“Sorry for your wife’s loss,” user ElmerP91 wrote.

“Tell her I know of a good divorce lawyer,” user shendrad said.

They weren’t all bad, though. Some found the prank endearing.

“I know you’re married and all, but are you single? I need these kinds of pranks in my life,” user oteverrelevant said.

One thing is for sure —  everyone is very curious about what became of Mikeg90805.

“We’ll need an update when she gets her revenge on you,” user ShermanMelonBalls wrote. “If you survive long enough to be graced with her revenge, that is.”

Mikeg90805 has not shared how his wife responded, but he did note in the comments that his tasty treat was chocolate malted crunch — and the beans were room temperature.

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