Self-loving yogi and single mom explains how she manifested her life

Maria Margolies, a yoga instructor from Colombia, shared her journey to self-love and happiness and how manifestation has worked for her.

As a certified holistic health coach, certified yoga teacher and a movement artist, Maria knows the importance of embodying what you want and “matching your inner to your outer.”

Raised in Bogotá in a very conservative Catholic family, Maria didn’t always feel like she fit in. “I [was] always dressing different, choosing different things. I was a rebel. My parents said ‘black,’ I said ‘white,’ you know? I knew that there was more out there,” said Maria.

At the age of 19, Maria decided to pack her bags and travel for three months on her own — a decision that would change the course of her entire life. She ended up moving to London, putting herself through school and never returning home.

Maria married at the age of 23 and four years later gave birth to her son. But after that, she found herself in a “cycle of a lot of unhealthy relationships.”

Knowing she needed to make a change, Maria started focusing inward. She discovered yoga and decided to travel the world, studying with some of the best yogis. From there, she began manifesting positive relationships and experiences in her life.

Now, Maria has made her mission to make yoga and wellness accessible to everyone. By teaching online and using social media to reach new audiences, Maria is sharing her tools to “uplift and empower” people to manifest their own positive experiences.

“The most important lesson that I’ve learned [is] that we have the power to create … our lives and our own realities, and it’s up to us,” Maria said.

“Every day that we wake up, we have the opportunity to start again and redefine ourselves. And so if we do that, little by little, we can create change.”

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