This easy ‘Mario run’ hack gives high-energy kids an outlet indoors

A child development and parenting expert says “Mario runs” are a great indoor activity for high-energy kids. 

Sometimes children may need an activity to get out all of their pent-up energy, but running around outside isn’t always an option. TikToker Mary A. Stoffel is a pediatric occupational therapist from Atlanta. Occupational therapists are health care workers who help people to complete day-to-day activities, whether they’re grappling with a medical condition or injury. Needless to say, Stoffel knows a thing or two about getting kids moving. 

“If your kid’s energy level is running high but [they] can’t go outside to release it, search ‘Mario run’ on YouTube,” the video caption read. “There are many options to choose from, all about 7 to 10 minutes long.” 

The footage showed a little boy completely engaged in the Mario run. The YouTube video featured the signature Super Mario music along with a virtual race track full of obstacles. The little boy ran in place as if he were inside of the game, dodging brick squares and villains by jumping in and out of the way. He was completely riveted. 

People loved the idea, and the video racked up 6.9 million views. But in typical TikTok fashion, adults were eager to try it out for themselves. 

“Thanks for showing [this]. I might be 20, but I’m still a kid, about to get some workouts in,” one person wrote

“Not me, almost 38 years old, wanting to make this my morning workout,” another said

“We do this with our third graders, and they love these. Gets that little energy out throughout the day,” someone commented

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