Woman discovers friends’ ‘messed up’ behavior, thanks to stranger’s viral TikTok

The “Marissa TikTok saga” is like something out of a movie.

For months now, TikTokers have used the app to catch liars in action. Users have caught cheating boyfriends with their iPhone’s photos app, confronted their boyfriends over “shady” Ring camera footage and accused their husbands of having affairs because of the contents of their gym bags.

Now, a New York woman is allegedly learning about her friends’ sneaky behavior — all thanks to a stranger on TikTok. The whole saga began when TikTok user @drewbdoobdoo overheard a group of strangers talking in a park.

According to @drewbdoobdoo, the group was discussing their friend “Marissa,” who they’d intentionally avoided inviting to an upcoming birthday party.

“I hate to be the one to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong,” @drewbdoobdoo said in the clip. “But if you’re name’s Marissa, please listen up.”


TikTok don’t let marissa’s friend group do her dirty like this!!! #fyp #ROMWEGetGraphic #marissa #nyc #nycapartment

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“I just walked by your friends and I need to tell you that the weekend you’re away is not the only time that they could do their birthday party,” @drewbdoobdoo went on to say. “They are choosing to do it the weekend away, and you need to know.”

The TikToker’s clip ended with a plea for other users to help him find Marissa, so he could tell her the alleged “truth” about her friends.

Eventually, that’s exactly what happened. The clip drew more than 9 million views, as well as the attention of several friends of one New Yorker named Marissa, who goes by @marissameizz on the app.

The TikToker posted a response to @drewbdoobdoo’s video claiming she’d received dozens of messages from friends. At the time, she still wasn’t sure if she was the Marissa whose friends were allegedly trying to ditch her.

“OK so my name is Marissa, I live in New York City,” she said at the start of her video. “I literally went on a road trip this weekend … One of my friends had a birthday party this weekend, and she knew I was going out of town and wouldn’t reschedule it.”

“I wanna know where you saw these people,” Marissa added, referring to @drewbdoobdoo. “Because if it was in my neighborhood, it was definitely about me.”



♬ original sound – marissameizz

In a series of follow-up clips, Marissa confirmed that it was in fact her friends that @drewbdoobdoo claimed he’d overheard. In one clip, the TikToker even revealed that one of her friends had admitted to intentionally excluding her.

Commenters had plenty to say about the saga, calling Marissa’s friends “messed up” and “mean.”

“You need new friends,” one user wrote.

“That’s a new level of low,” another added.

Thankfully, it seemed like Marissa did manage to find at least one new friend. Days later, she shared a clip of herself and @drewbdoobdoo, hanging out together in a park.


Reply to @missangiej Bestie, you’re gonna LOVE what I have to tell you! @marissameizz ##MARISSATOK ##marissa ##nyc ##nycfriends

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