Step into the technicolor world of Marko Monroe and the House of Avalon

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“I definitely want people to feel a sense of like joy and like playfulness. A lot of times, people take life too seriously. And I think that’s why I make things is because I want people to be reminded there’s another side to life other than the sort of mundane,” Marko Monroe tells In The Know.

The artist, who also fancies themself as a costume designer, co-producer for a show, stylist and party planner, focuses on bringing queer culture to their work.

“Queer culture definitely influences my work. This effervescence of being yourself [and] committed to how you want to present that takes a sort of boldness and strength,” Monroe says. “That helps influence the work that I do. As long as you’re comfortable with whatever you want to put on your body. Just own it and live it. That is rooted in queerness.”

The Arkansas native threw parties with his boyfriend and their friends, which would eventually be called the House of Avalon. Years later, after moving to Los Angeles with a limited portfolio, he was asked by Brooke Candy’s costume designer Seth Pratt (also an Arkansan) to create a two-piece for Lizzo’s “Water Me” video. It was the start of a very beautiful and colorful relationship.

On their conceptual design:

My creative process for design is it’s always like a conceptual sort of idea. And then I will, like, go to my faves for inspiration, pull some like source imagery, and then I explore that through like sketching.

On styling and dressing Lizzo:

I started out making clothes for her, but it led into styling. I helped come up with looks for her vacation, [outfits] she wears in the airport, daily stuff to red carpet looks to interviews, etc.

On advice for young creatives:

My biggest advice for young creatives is to just go with it, [with] whatever feels good. And don’t be afraid to experiment and try things that you wouldn’t have even thought you would like.”

Check out the brand on Instagram and the video above to learn more about this remarkable and talented creator.

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