Maryam Maquillage is making a name for herself with her makeup reviews

For beauty guru Maryam Maquillage, experimenting with makeup does not compromise her value of inner beauty. In fact, Maquillage told In The Know that she believes your outside is a reflection of how you feel inside — so why not enhance it?

Maquillage is known to her 250,000 YouTube subscribers and her 915,000 Instagram followers for her very in-depth and honest makeup reviews and tutorials.

“I really want my viewers to be well educated in the subject before they go out and spend their money,” Maquillage explained. “I show them close-ups of what my face looks like, if the product is not working, they will see it.”

Maquillage’s honesty is what separates her from what she calls the “ocean of influencers.” Her Instagram photos and videos where she zooms into her face after testing out a type of makeup is also pretty unusual compared to the ring light-lit, filtered final looks of others.

“I have been able to build a community through my work,” she said. “I interact constantly, on a daily basis, with all of my followers and subscribers.”

Growing up with parents who were artists, Maquillage’s interest in beauty comes from a place of creativity and performance. This connection she has to makeup and fashion goes beyond just picking up the most contemporary styles and actually experimenting with everything she can get her hands on.

“Why not use your face as a canvas?” she asked. “That’s kind of how I learned to express myself.”

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