‘Evil’ chef horrifies TikTok users with ‘terrifying’ mashed potatoes recipe

A self-proclaimed “evil” TikTok chef is causing a stir on the platform with their unconventional mashed potatoes recipe.

On Jan. 19, user @elis_kitchen uploaded a video demonstrating how they make their “signature cheesy mashed potatoes.” Instead of using whole potatoes for their dish, though, they use multiple bags of Lay’s.

In case you have some strange desire to try Eli’s recipe, here’s how they make their mashed potatoes: First, they combine some water, salt and white vinegar and let it boil. Then, they add several bags of chips to the water until they are, uh, very soggy. They then drain the chips in a colander and put the soggy chips back in the pan, stir them until they have something of a mashed potato consistency and top them with cheese and smoked paprika.

“Delicious,” they proclaim as they take a bite of the fully transformed spuds.


signature cheesey mashed potatoes

♬ original sound – Eli

Eli’s video, which has received nearly 450,000 views, has left users largely divided.

Most people found the recipe more appalling than appetizing.

“This feels illegal to watch,” one user said.

“I’m terrified,” another added.

“This made my stomach hurt hella bad,” a third commented.

Some people, though, reluctantly admitted that they didn’t absolutely hate Eli’s mashed potatoes recipe.

“I’m intrigued,” one person confessed. “Kinda wanna try it.”

“I hate to say it, [but] this doesn’t look that bad,” another added.

To each their own, I guess.

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