Mask-enhanced bodysuit is dividing Twitter: ‘I actually just screamed’

Social media users are divided over a photo of a jumpsuit that has a face mask built right in, with some lauding the garment’s convenience and others standing staunchly against the over-the-top concept, which is likely ineffective at preventing the spread of disease.

The debate first began when Twitter user loutiett shared a photo of the offending garment displayed in an undisclosed storefront on Aug. 5, with the caption, “I actually just screamed.”

The photo has since been shared over 18,400 times and has stirred a heated debate over the outfit’s presumptive convenience vs. its … well, unique appearance.

“I would wear this in black,” one user wrote.

“I’m not mad at this, need to see it in black asap,” echoed another.

“I…don’t hate this,” wrote a third, with another responding, “girl me too. it’s kinda cute.”

Critics of the bodysuit clapped back, however, with many pointing out just how impossible it would be to use the bathroom in one of those things.

“As much as I like the ninja aesthetic going on here, what if you gotta use the bathroom…?” wrote one keen observer.

“Fashionova will have it soon,” joked another.

It seems that last comment was the ringer because, indeed, FashionNova has seemingly released its own version of the masked jumpsuit already.

Now, fashion and jokes aside, an obvious problem with any of the masked bodysuits displayed above is that the material they were created with likely isn’t up to the CDC’s standards in terms of actually preventing the spread of coronavirus.

According to the organization, proper face masks should “include multiple layers of fabric,” which these clearly do not, among other things to be effective, such as fit snugly against the face and completely cover the nose and mouth.

In my professional opinion, we should continue to uphold the division of mask and bodysuit for the time being.

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