Masseuse’s facial massage techniques are perfect for relaxing at home

Paula A. Browne, AKA TikTok’s paula_a_browne, is a facial masseuse. Browne uses massage techniques to improve the appearance of skin and to soothe the muscles. According to Healthline, facial massages can enhance the effects of creams while relieving sinus pressure, soothing a tired jaw and can even speed up a scar’s healing.

Browne’s tips are easy to follow right from home. So if you’re looking to release some tension from your face or just hoping to debut a post-pandemic skin glow up (someday!), she has got your covered. 

The masseuse shows how to define and relax the jawline in one TikTok.

To start, make a peace sign with both your fingers, then bend your knuckles. Place the point of your chin between your index and middle fingers. Then use your knuckles to pinch and stroke your jawline in an upwards motion. Browne recommends repeating several times in the morning and night. 

Browne’s most viral video is a simple self facial massage that lifts and calms.

First, lay down in a comfortable position flat on your back. Then interlock your fingers. Press your thumbs on your chin then massage in an upward motion. Guide the thumbs around the edges of the lips, toward the nose, up its bridge and across the brow bone.

The tutorial received 3.4 million views. TikTok users were eager to try it at home.

“Gave it a try and it felt great! Thank you!” a user commented

“This is brilliant. Thanks a lot!” one person said

“Love this so much. We are relaxed just watching,” another wrote. 

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