6-foot-long massive wasp nest discovered in abandoned building

A massive wasp nest was discovered in an abandoned workshop in China.

The nest was almost 6 feet long and hung from the ceiling of the building. People discovered the nest in Chongzuo, Guangxi Zhuang. Fortunately, there were no wasps inside the massive structure. The nest is believed to have been created one or two years before it was discovered in March. 

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Footage showed men taking photos and examining the giant wasp nest. The nest almost resembled a bundle of beige fabric dangling from the ceiling. 

But the comparison isn’t too off. Wasps actually build their nest from paper. The insects chew wood fibers, gathered from fences or decks and combine it with their saliva to create a pasty pulp. Wasps then mold the pulp into hexagon-shaped paper cells to form the nest. 

“At first, the workers make only as many cells as they need to hold their eggs. Eventually, however, the paper wasp nest will contain approximately 200 cells. From the outside, these nests appear umbrella-shaped and often hang in protected areas like tree branches, eaves, porches and railings,” according to Sciencing

Most nests last for about a year, which explains why the one discovered in Chongzuo was abandoned. Wasps use the nest to care for their young and mate during the summer. But by winter, the wasps leave and only the fertilized females survive the inclement weather. Eventually, the pregnant queen wasps go off to start new colonies and complete the cycle again.  

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