Math teacher in Texas creates rap to help kids learn decimals

One elementary school teacher in Texas is taking decimals to the next level with a rap he created to help his students up their math game.

Thomas Mayfield, a teacher in Fort Worth, told Storyful that he developed the rap song to help boost his students‘ confidence when it came to multiplying decimals.

In the video, Mayfield stands masked at the head of the class, leading his students in the rap. Inspired by Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z, the creative math teacher even dressed as Goku, the hero and warrior character from the show.

Standing at their desks, all wearing masks, the students read from a sheet of paper that holds the rap’s lyrics.

Using their brains

“Yo, my kids they use their brains. When I teach, I do the same,” they all say together.

As the class continues, they get into the nuts and bolts of multiplying decimals — but in a much more entertaining way than your typical math class.

“Multiply the factors from the bottom to the top. Yo, they said that we were done. No, no, we never stop,” the class raps in unison.

While this unique approach arguably adds up to even more fun in math class, this isn’t Mayfield’s first foray into teaching by rap. According to local reports, the elementary school teacher has also written and performed songs about female empowerment, college and remote learning.

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