TikTok praises teacher’s way of grading tests

A math teacher has earned an overwhelming amount of praise on TikTok after he shared how he grades tests.

On Nov. 30, user @jjgrubb posted a clip of himself slapping stickers of memes on several graded copies of a math test.

“Best purchase a teacher can make,” a text overlay reads.


A meme sticker for every grade 👍 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##teachersoftiktok ##meme

♬ original sound – G

Some of the memes include a confused Jackie Chan, a perplexed Nick Young, a tearful Steve Carell as The Office‘s Michael Scott and a proud Ben Stiller as Dodgeball‘s White Goodman. Depending on how the student fares on their test, the teacher sticks the corresponding meme that best captures his reaction to their grade.

The clip has since gone viral, receiving nearly 2 million likes and plenty of comments.

“This would literally make me work harder,” one person wrote.

“Honestly this is amazing,” another added.

“If my teacher did that I’d actually appreciate going to school,” a third commented.

When several users raised concerns that using certain meme stickers could demoralize students who had performed poorly on their tests, the teacher made sure to clarify himself.

“Don’t actually use the negative [stickers] ..so no motivation for that,” he said in response to a user who said she would have purposely failed a test just to receive a funny sticker.

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