Matt Gresia is bringing financial literacy to TikTok

Matt Gresia’s TikTok account attempts to answer all of his fans’ burning questions about finance, investments and wealth.

Gresia, who has over 2 million followers, covers all things money. An increasing number of those entering the workforce — specifically Gen Zers — are used to juggling jobs and side hustles. So, handling and investing money is a crucial topic for them.

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“I think a lot of these topics are super intimidating and seem really complex,” Gresia told In The Know. “But they’re not, and I think that that’s sort of the thing I want to show here.”

Gresia has a natural interest in finance and wanted to figure out a way to both educate and entertain people. He found that using pop culture references made the information he was trying to teach a lot more digestible and understandable.

Part of why Gresia is so well-versed in financial literacy is because he started his own sock brand in 2016 — while he was still in college. Canswer Sock Co. was inspired by Gresia’s late grandfather, who passed away from cancer. The company 10 percent of its profits to cancer research.

Gresia was ruthless when he first started his business and contacted up to 200 people a day on social media, trying to get press and coverage. He even gifted the late rapper Mac Miller a pair of the socks during a meet and greet, which Miller wore on stage during his tour.

Influencer marketing came up and [my mentor, Ms. Lee] encouraged me to become an influencer myself,” Gresia said, describing the main way he was able to get Canswer Sock Co. off the ground. “I figured I’d give [TikTok] a go.”


Name a better sock (hint: you’re wrong if your answer isn’t Canswer) #canswer #socks #entrepreneur #business #cancer #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #fy

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Gresia became fascinated with influencer marketing and his first viral video focused on how much money viral TikToker Addison Rae makes. The video’s success changed his whole plan.

“I shifted from more creative videos to more insightful videos,” he said. “TikTok has changed my life.”

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