A pro mountain biker made an incredible at-home course during lockdown

Like countless athletes around the world, professional mountain biker Matt Jones has had to get creative during lockdown.

Jones, who’s used to traveling around the world for competitions, has been forced to spend much of the pandemic at his home in Milton Keynes, England.

He hasn’t let that hold him back though: Instead, the 24-year-old spent some of his quarantine time constructing a massive, handmade mountain bike course in his own backyard.

The course, which seemingly features dozens of ramps in all shapes and sizes, took hours upon hours of digging, shoveling and packing dirt. Thankfully, Jones captured the entire thing on camera — sharing the footage in an incredible time-lapse video that shows the track’s construction from start to finish.

Jones shared the clip with Red Bull, which posted the course on its website.

“Armed with a shovel, wheelbarrow and a huge delivery of soil, Matt has got to work constructing his own personal line of handcrafted jumps in his backyard during lockdown,” Red Bull wrote of the endeavor.

Meanwhile, Jones has continued posting videos of his runs through the now-completed track on Instagram.

Watching Jones tackle the backyard is one thing, but seeing him put it together is another thing entirely. For those looking to set up their own — albeit probably smaller — version at home, Red Bull even shared a guide on creating a course from scratch.

The how-to includes info on everything from supplies and making the jumps to how to test out a course until it feels right.

“It’s not unusual to tweak jumps after a few test runs,” Nikki Whiles, a U.K.-based track builder, told Red Bull. “It’s difficult to get them perfect first go. For a big national-standard BMX track everything is measured out, but for most jumps, it’s all about making your best guess.”

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