What May’s lunar eclipse means for your zodiac sign

A full moon and total lunar eclipse are happening on May 16. With the lunation in Scorpio, your zodiac sign is in the mood for transformation. 

A total lunar eclipse is when the Earth aligns between the sun and moon, causing the Earth to cast its shadow on the moon in its entirety. In astrology, full moons are all about reflecting and taking stock of where we’re at and what we’ve learned. A full moon combined with a total lunar eclipse in the intensely emotional water sign Scorpio means things could get heavy. 

It may seem like more feelings are the last thing you need during such a chaotic time in the world, but these emotions may provide clarity and catharsis. 

What May’s total lunar eclipse and full moon in Scorpio mean for each sign

Aries: It’s time to reflect on your interpersonal relationships and resolve any underlying issues that could be bogging you down, especially in your social circles. 

Taurus: This lunation has you feeling spiritual and assessing your partnerships. Examine what you need in your ideal partnership — without sacrificing self-care. 

Gemini: Expect to be preoccupied with your career. Figure out what changes are essential to achieving your professional goals. Go after them and reap the rewards. 

Cancer: The eclipse will have you ready to take a chance on love. Be courageous and speak your truth, no matter how saccharine. 

Leo: You might be caught up in the past as feelings about your foundations, like your home life or childhood, bubble up to the surface. Communicating your emotions could lead to some constructive resolutions. 

Virgo: Lately, your social life might feel unmanageable. Try to reset your boundaries with others before you get overwhelmed. 

Libra: Now’s the time to figure out how your financial goals align with your overall wellness. That could mean cutting ties anywhere you feel undervalued. 

Scorpio: Embrace your creative side in your self-improvement efforts. Being bolder about how you express yourself could positively affect some of your closest relationships. 

Sagittarius: Look within. You’ll benefit from a period of rest and reflection before you start prioritizing your social life again. 

Capricorn: Teamwork makes the dream work. The eclipse will reveal the value of community and interdependence in your life, no matter how much you prefer flying solo. 

Aquarius: You’ll want to examine work-life balance during this lunation. Reflect on how you can manage your professional goals without sacrificing your well-being and time with loved ones. 

Pisces: A perspective shift might be what’s in store for you. Your goals and worldview might change as you find clarity about your passions. 

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