Professional chef stuns TikTok by turning McDonald’s into a ‘gourmet’ meal

A professional chef is drawing praise on TikTok for his bizarre gourmet meal — a “McDonald’s beef Wellington.”

The “fancy,” high-end creation comes courtesy of popular food TikToker Danny Kim ( In a now-viral video, Kim brings an order of McDonald’s Quarter Pounders to his friend, Chef Mikey.

“Asking my chef friend to turn my McDonald’s gourmet,” Kim captioned the clip.

What follows is a pretty remarkable process. In the span of a few minutes, Chef Mikey transforms the fast-food staple into a full-on gourmet dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and some beautifully plated gravy.

Hey @gordonramsayofficial , how did my chef friend do?🤔 ##BeefWellington ##FastFoodGourmet ##TikTokFood

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To make the McDonald’s beef Wellington, Chef Mikey removed the patties from the burgers and re-cooked them in oil. Then, he used spinach, artichoke and the Quarter Pounder cheese to create a fully formed beef filling.

Chef Mikey then wrapped the whole thing in prosciutto and surrounded it with a puff pastry. In the meantime, he used milk, cream and bay leaves to turn the McDonald’s fries into pomme puree — which, as he noted, is essentially a fancy term for mashed potatoes.

When the whole thing was ready, Chef Mikey cut into the McDonald’s beef Wellington to show off an incredible cross-section.

Credit: Danny Kim/TikTok

TikTokers were blown away by the meal. Kim’s video has since drawn more than 16 million views and plenty of excited comments from viewers.

“This is extreme skill,” one user wrote.

“This looks amazing, take my money,” another added.

“Gordon Ramsay is typing…” another joked.

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