McDonald’s customer asks for extra pickles and gets more than they bargained for

A rare pickle victory at McDonald’s has made a Redditor’s burger go viral

The Reddit user @lostcrafts posted about the excellent customer service experience in the 19.5 million-member Mildly Interesting subreddit, where people can discuss unremarkable yet noteworthy topics. The McDonald’s customer shared an image of the burger and wrote, “Asked for extra pickles and got 25.” 

The double cheeseburger was loaded with stacks of Mickey D’s tiny round pickles. The simple photo received 2,442 comments and over 58,000 upvotes on Reddit. Now that’s some conversation-starting fast food

“I used to work at a sandwich shop. When people ask for extra, they WILL receive extra,” one person wrote

Nevertheless, a franchise like McDonald’s tends to have more standardized components to their menu items 

“There are two pickles in the Big Mac, two in the Quarter Pounder, one in the Hamburger and two in the Double Cheeseburger; so it all depends on what product you buy,” according to

Even @lostcrafts was under the impression that there were limits to the extra pickles. 

“I was thrilled! I thought McDonald’s had a strict ‘extra pickles means four’ rule or something,” the Reddit poster said

The incident prompted users to discuss their own pickle problems. 

“Worked at a McDonald’s for a while. I’m the guy that would pile pickles when they asked for extra. They either loved it or didn’t ask for extra next time. Never had anyone complain. Had plenty of people that would come back and say it was perfect, though,” a former fast-food employee wrote

“As someone who asks for extra pickles all the time…this is what I want,” someone commented

“This actually did happen to me back in 2005. That’s how memorable it was. [There were] 22 pickles on a burger where the receipt clearly indicated ‘no pickles.'” another said

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