McDonald’s employee disgusts TikTok with alleged ice cream machine video

A TikToker claiming to be a McDonald’s employee filmed herself cleaning an ice cream machine and then uploaded the footage to the social media platform. The video accumulated almost 200,000 views before she made it private.

User @meg.morgan4 recorded a behind-the-scenes look at how workers allegedly clean the chain’s ice cream machines. The clip shows the inside of the machine with two tubs filled with cream and the sides absolutely coated in what looks like McFlurry residue.

News outlets were able to capture screenshots of the video before it was removed.

Credit: TikTok

“This is disgusting,” meg.morgan4 wrote in text over the video. “It literally won’t come off.”

As she chips away at frozen M&Ms with a plastic spoon, she adds, “Why am I still working here?”

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

“Now I see why y’all always say the ice cream machine is broken,” a sympathetic user replied.

According to a Wall Street Journal article from 2017, the McDonald’s McFlurry machines are rarely broken but have to undergo a rigorous cleaning cycle that can last hours. So, sometimes busy employees will say the machines are broken in the meantime.

If this TikTok is at all real, it makes sense why the machines have to be cleaned so often and so rigorously.

“Well I’m not ordering ice cream from [McDonald’s] again,” one commenter added.

“Don’t expose me to the inside of the McDonald’s ice cream machine!!” a Twitter user wrote.

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