TikTok users are freaking out after seeing what breakfast looks like at McDonald’s Japan

A TikToker is going viral after sharing how the McDonald’s Japan menu differs from its U.S. counterpart.

The video, posted by user Adele Collette (@adele_collette), has plenty of American viewers jealous.

It’s just the latest in a long line of videos to show how fast-food chains are different abroad. In the past, jet-setting fodies went viral for sharing what McDonald’s looks like in France, why Taco Bell is “fancy” in China and how you can get a “perfect” view of the Great Pyramids from a Pizza Hut in Egypt.

Collette’s video, which shows off the McDonald’s Japan menu for breakfast, mainly focuses on one item. However, that was more than enough to have commenters demanding they get the dish in their own countries.

The item? Miniature pancakes.

In the video, Collette shows her McDonald’s Japan breakfast order, which features the chain’s Petit Pancakes (she calls them “Puchi Pancakes,” which roughly translates to the same thing). The tiny, bite-sized treats come with apple syrup and cream.

“Mini food hits different,” Collette captioned her post.

The Petit Pancakes are, of course, just one difference in the chain’s breakfast menu. McDonald’s Japan also features a handful of other items that aren’t available in the U.S. — including a Chicken Crisp McMuffin and a side of edamame and corn.

Overall, TikTokers had plenty of good things to say about Collette’s breakfast. Many wished they had the pancakes in their own country.

“We need these,” one user wrote.

“McDonald’s Japan is OP [over-powered],” another added.

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