McDonald’s customer stuns TikTok with ‘money-saving’ menu hack

A TikTok user is going viral for finding the best McDonald’s McNuggets price — all thanks to some very delicious math.

The “money-saving” menu hack, shared by a New York-based user named Matt, is allegedly based on an analysis of the chain’s entire menu.

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“Chance are you’re paying too much for your McNuggets,” Matt says at the start of his clip. “And I’m here to show you why.”

Matt claims to have analyzed every nugget order (four-piece, six-piece, spicy, regular, etc.) on a “CPN” (cost per nugget) basis. His answer allegedly shows the “most efficient” nugget order to choose.


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The TikToker’s findings are pretty striking. In his clip, he explains that a four-count nugget order would cost him $0.33 per nugget. Meanwhile, a six-count would cost $0.58, or 76 percent more.

“You should literally never order this,” he says of the six-piece order.

It’s worth noting that Matt is using the menu from a McDonald’s in Brooklyn to make his calculations, meaning prices may vary based on where you live.

However, the concept itself — using the “cost per nugget” method to save money — can work anywhere. As long as you’re willing to do few calculations of your own, Matt’s hack should operate the same way.

In the video, Matt goes on to explain that a 10-count order costs $0.53 per nugget, meaning it’s actually more expensive than just ordering three four-piece orders. As the TikToker points out, getting a 10-count actually means paying more money for fewer nuggets.

Ultimately, Matt concludes that you should always order the four-piece nuggets — and simply adjust how many you order based on how hungry you are. TikTok users were blown away by the advice.

“The hero we needed,” one commenter wrote.

“Wait, this is actually so smart,” another added.

“Thank you for your service,” another wrote.

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