9 McDonald’s secret menu hacks you should try

McDonald’s will always be a staple for Americans. The golden arches are a fixture of our culture — and some serious late-night cravings. When Mickey D’s calls, there is little you can do but answer. So the next time you’re visiting the fast food joint, you may want to try these nine McDonald’s secret menu hacks

So-called “secret menus” are the internet’s way of crowdsourcing commonly ordered items that don’t appear on restaurant menus. Every chain from Starbucks to Chipotle has them. These secret menu hacks from McDonald’s might be better than any Big Mac. 

Snickers Iced Coffee

Mickey D’s lovers somehow figured out exactly what to ask for to make an iced coffee taste like a Snickers candy bar. 

Chili Oil Ice Cream Sundae

The weather is heating up for summer and it turns out adding a little spice to your sweet ice cream is actually delicious. The secret menu item started as a limited-time item over at McDonald’s China. 

Espresso Milkshakes

This hack combines two delicious items: espresso and a vanilla milkshake. It might be the perfect summer treat in all its simplicity. 

McFlurry Cake

Dubbed a “game-changer” by McDonald’s enthusiasts, this trick turns your favorite McFlurry into a cake. The best part is no baking is necessary. 

McDonald’s Cakes

This might be the chain’s best-kept secret. Many McDonald’s locations offer frozen cakes for birthdays. But getting one isn’t always as easy as ordering one at the register. 

Homemade McGriddles

While this isn’t on the secret menu if you’ve got a hankering for this signature breakfast this McGriddles recipe dupe will do the trick in a pinch.

Iced White Mocha

Starbucks can get a little pricey once you start ordering fancier drinks. Luckily, one brave TikToker figured out how to order a Starbucks Iced White Mocha at McDonald’s… for just $2. 

Big Mac Tacos

Yes, you can transform a Big Mac burger into some very yummy tacos. 

Fresh French Fries

Cold, soggy fries are a no-go. The key to always getting those crispy, hot, fresh fries is actually much simpler than you think. 

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