The new McDonald’s ‘spam burger’ has fast food lovers very confused

A new McDonald’s “spam burger” is sending fast food lovers into a frenzy.

The reason? The sandwich, in addition to substituting beef for canned pork, is loaded with a confounding topping: crumbled Oreos cookies.

McDonald’s released the spam burger as a limited-release item on Dec. 21, according to the Associated Press. As of now, the sandwich is only available in China, but its existence seemed to spark a reaction among fast foodies worldwide.

“Oh my god it looks worse than I imagined,” one Twitter user wrote.

The savory-sweet burger, which is also topped with mayonnaise, is one of McDonald’s China’s “members only” promotions. Released every Monday, the deals offer special discounts and limited-edition items for the chain’s customers.

According to CNN, McDonald’s made a total of 400,000 burgers for the promotion. The item is retailing for 13.14 CNY (around $2 in USD).

Social media users had plenty to say about the spam burger, which some called “disgusting” or “nasty.”

“Some foods should NOT mix!” one Twitter user wrote.

Others were a far more open-minded, though.

“I’d try it. Why not be open minded,” one user wrote.

“I can’t hate it if I haven’t tried it…..” another added.

Of course, the McDonald’s spam burger is just the latest fast food item to stir controversy online.

Last month, Burger King Japan announced an “extreme” burger, which had no bun and featured more than a pound of beef. Earlier this year, Papa John’s U.K. debuted a limited-edition “baked bean pizza.”

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